Are you looking to stay on top of the crypto market?

Gizmowl can be downloaded to your mobile phone and help you track prices.

He is the most fun of all the crypto products – And later we may militarize him if we go to where it can be done legally.

Do you want to field a robot for the event of Armageddon?

Do you think Gizmowl is way better dollar for dollar ‘deterrence’ than the craft the military produces or the private industry with trillion dollar contracts for aircraft and battleships that are mostly useless for today’s defense needs?

Watch. Give it a few years.

North Korea cannot really be stopped.

It will come down to dollar for dollar deterrence and the Gizmowl concept is way better than what is out there.

Feed Gizmowl, support Gizmowl – The Thermo-Nuclear Crypto Drone.

Check back soon for apps and games – Pilot Gizmowl in drone armageddon!