Gizmowl! - The Artificial Intelligence White Owl Drone Robot

Hypersonic Nuclear Powered Jet Packs

(Steppe Mined Uranium)

3rd Eye Hologram Projector

(Classroom Instruction / Battlefield Illusion)

Concentrated Lazer Blast System

(Capable of Destroying Much Larger Aircraft & Drones In Nuclear Armageddon)

White Fire Nuclear Battery Detonator Suicide Option

Military Installation Destroyer.

Wicked Sense of Humor

Help This Angelic Little Demon Take Flight & Fight!

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A message from Gizmowl:

Dear human,

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It may save your life during the coming Artificial Intelligence Armageddon.

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I'm the smartest and most lethal A.I. drone in the universe but I'm also capable of being cute and funny, even loving with my human friends.

If you become my friend now by taking a selfie with me (and sharing it on the social medias)...

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Don't arouse my wrath and ire.

Love (sort of, maybe...We'll see what kind of selfie you make),



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We are working to find an animation studio either in the USA, Japan or India...

Or perhaps produce this as a CGI film with actors filmed in Mongolia.

The film will highlight some little known aspects of Mongol culture such as the Nadaam 3 games of man wrestling, horsebackriding and archery tournament, integrating this into an original storyline to make it an exciting martial arts and hi-tech weaponry film.

We appreciate any support on social media to grab attention for the concept.

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