“At 2:35 AM In The Middle of The Woods You Can Hear (And See) A Mouse Rustling In The Leaves At 40 Meters Away…”

Gizmowl is a new bionic bird concept based on the owl with the latest audio and night vision components.

Here's a breakdown of how to operate Gizmowl G6

  • Slide on the earphones
  • Place the night vision viewer over 1 eye
  • Grab the controller (top secret revolutionary design)
  • Take flight!
Generation-6 Biomimetic Owl Drones With Advanced Audio And Night Vision

Generation-6 Owl Drones With Advanced Audio And Night Vision

The Original Owl Drone

With hundreds of years of aviation engineering, and thousands of airplane and drone models, Gizmowl is the first and original owl drone concept.

Multipurpose Biomimetic Design

Gizmowl is designed to be a multi-purpose drone available in different sizes to fit different purposes.

With the civilian edition you can do “drone night hunting” meaning grabbing mice or rats at night or snatching pigeons (with non-lethal options).

We also plan sport models for night drone competition.

Design Concept:

Gizmowl is designed based on night vision system.

You can see what Gizmowl sees through 1 eye, while your other eye is free to observe your immediate environment in part to meet FAA requirements so it can be flown legally in most cities.

Gizmowl is also designed to have a ‘perch’ mode for observation and conserving energy.

This next gen concept drone is designed in Oakland, an area with a rich aerospace tradition dating back to the early 1900’s.

Future Savvy With An Eye Towards Tactical Requirements:

Within a decade, most traditional jetcraft may be outdated due to trends in miniaturization and pilotless vehicles.

Gizmowl aims to be at the top of the aerospace field with state of the art branding and engineering.

Flexible Robotics:

Civilian editions are designed to appeal to both kids and adults with soft, flexible robotics and artificial intelligence ‘brains’, allowing Gizmowl to talk.


Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Drones With Personality

The intelligence integrated into the brains of Gizmowl comes from the wisdom of the ages from a truly diverse selection of hand picked quotes, proverbs, parables, sayings and short stories.

Whether you are a ‘civilian’ looking for a top of the line tech toy…

Or a political entity seeking the advantage on the tech battlefields of the future…

Gizmowl is the all in one super-drone designed to meet a broad range of uses.

The Swiss Army Knife of Drones With Innovative Modular Blueprints

The actual DNA of this robot may be in part ‘open source’, meaning that contributors who find this concept intriguing can add components to build a drone that just improves over time – very fast.

The Gizmowl is in modeling and design phase with inspiration from top ornithopter drone designers. We are negotiating to find the best engineers to bring the concept forward and to market.